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Bohio Clean was founded to provide high-quality cleaning, delivered with care through fair work practices, at honest prices. We deliver commerical and residential services by connecting you the right partner.



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Bohio Clean is here to transform the cleaning industry. Can you help us do that?


We have a network of cleaning companies where we can connect you with the best company fit for your project.

Luxurious Quality

We don't play games when it comes down to getting you the best clean. Our application process requires that professional showcase their work, before becoming a partner.

Local Economy Impact

Our intention is to increase the access to jobs in a competitive industry, this way our partners can also grow to achieve their goals.

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Lawrence, MA


Lawrence, MA

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Together, we are transforming the
way homes are cleaned

Our mission is to create more access to opportunity for cleaning professionals, so that you can get the best, most trusted clean.


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